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Old Skool Cars N Street Machines is an event dedicated to honouring and celebrating vintage cars that were manufactured before 1986. This gathering was established by devoted car enthusiasts with the intention of bringing together individuals who share a deep passion for classic automobiles. It presents a remarkable opportunity to witness a wide array of timeless cars, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and enjoy a delightful day out.

Since its inception in 2013, Old Skool Cars N Street Machines has become renowned for its commitment to showcasing and cherishing classic cars. Over the years, this event has achieved several significant milestones. One achievement was hosting the Moreton Bay Motor Show in collaboration with the Moreton Bay Council in 2017. Additionally, Old Skool Cars N Street Machines has actively participated in various school events, providing captivating displays that captivate both students and adults alike. Moreover, they have successfully organised car shows in conjunction with school fetes, effectively promoting classic cars and the safe usage of motor vehicles while also emphasising the distinction between genuine enthusiasts and “Hoons”. This has also been achieved through collaborations with local councillors and Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Moreton Bay region, with the intention of advocating for the automotive community, particularly the classic car community.

Old Skool Cars N Street Machines is more than just an event; it is a platform that brings together people who share a common passion for classic cars. Whether you are an enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of vintage automobiles, this event promises an unforgettable experience filled with nostalgia and admiration.

Old Skool Cars Upcoming Event’s

Few Images we took at our last Old Skool Car event at Dreamworld Night Market, Saturday 30th September, 2023.

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