About GearHead


About GearHead Enterprises

The GearHead family was founded on a deep and genuine love of everything automotive — The Cars, The Community, and this beautiful country we call home, Australia.

We built GearHead to be a destination where automotive enthusiasts can find everything they need to enjoy their passion and connect with one another, whether you are attending a car show or working on your prized possession. We are enthusiasts just like you, and we have a passion for working on cars, participating in car gatherings, and planning events.

In the past we have had the opportunity to run successful markets and automotive events via our brand “Old Skool Cars N Street Machine’s”, while being able to collaborate with the likes of Moreton Bay Regional Council to help organise and run the Moreton Bay Motor Show, connect with various automotive clubs, supply car exhibits at school and charity events, and educate the public about the differences between hooning and being an enthusiast through our events and community engagement.

GearHead’s aim is  to continue this work and provide even more value for the car enthusiast.

In addition to providing information, entertainment, and services, our overall objective is to build a Hub for the automotive community that supports, nurtures, and adapts to new automotive innovations in Australia and working towards the goal of “Helping You Achieve Your Automotive Dreams”.

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