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How to complete this form.

Use this form to list your event on our website.

Once completed, it will be sent directly to our team to check all required details are provided before it goes live. This is also when we add can any extra images you may like added.

Event Name – Event title

Event Description – This is where you can provide all the information you would like people to know. You can include links to websites and social media platforms.

Date & Time – Start and finish time

Recurring Events – Use this if you run the same event multiple times a year. This save’s listing each event individually.

Event Image –  Best used as a header image. If you have a flyer, logos or other images you would like to add into the description, please email them to – Subject Event name, and we can add them for you. (The ideal ratio size for Event Image is 16.9)

Event Categories – Chose from drop down window. Default category is Event. You can add as many as you like that match your event.

Event Tags – Chose from drop down or leave blank

Event Status – Scheduled is set by default.

Venue Details – Pick from our preloaded venues or add one that isn’t listed.

Organiser Details –  We have preloaded a lot of organisers details. If you are not listed please add in your details.

Event Website – Link to your website or Facebook event.

Cost – leave blank if your event is free.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at or 0405 202 136