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Xmas Lapz In Ipswich

Thur 21st Dec 5pm
Ipswich XMAS LAPZ with Santa. Sensible driving is appreciated at all our events, now and always.
Metrople Hotel to Milford st, pick your spots, cafe’s, restaurants, pubs and clubs or join the cruise around town.
This special Thursday night before Christmas, Lapz, coincides with councils Emergency Services display in the Nicholas st precinct.
Santa and Sirens.
Bring the car and the kids…
Enjoy our city and a Merry Christmas to all.
Disclaimer: this is not a registered event, this is a group of friends enjoying a night cruising around Ipswich. Irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated and reported. Insurance and liability is a requirement for each vehicle owner. Please abide by these conditions or enjoy your night at home or elsewhere.

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